» Don’t Touch Me! « Violence prevention for children


typical example
A child abuser from Berlin, in only ten days, abused around twenty girls, their ages ranging from five to fourteen; it was always the same trick; he’d pretend he’d lost a bike or a pram, or needed to find the care-taker or if the girls could look in the post-box for him, to see if his key was there? In the case where his victims put up a fight or screamed loud for help, he let them go and ran away.

Content and Aims
Unfortunately all children can be victims of criminal violence, there is no full protection from child abusers but there are principles that can be learnt and do help. Children that are courageous, strong and self-confident are best protected from violent abuse. Experience demonstrates that perpetrators tend to approach children that either are uncertain or seem uncertain, since perpetrators look for victims, believing there they’ll find the least resistance. It’s here that behavioural training begins, educating children in a healthy scepticism towards strangers and strengthens their capacity to say; “NO!”; to run away; or to get help.

  • Strengthens self confidence
  • Recognising dangerous situations
  • Dealing with strangers
  • Principles of self-assuredness
  • Saying NO with voice and body (see the photos
  • Suitable self-defence for children

A description (in german) by Christel Heppner:


10 to 20 kids from 5 to 10

The courses happen where children commonly gather

Length and Price
Basics: three hours, 480 EUR (e.g. 25 kids, each at 19,20 EUR)
Advanced: three hours; (recommended twelve months later)

Lead by
Udo Kumpe, Anti-violence trainer and director of baKum Institue for self-defence

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